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My Teaching Philosophy

The key to guarantee effective teaching and learning is to create a positive and encouraging learning environment. I wholeheartedly agree with one of my engineering teacher’s point Of view that anyone can teach a student the lesson Of the day, but to prepare the students to promote team work or...

Teaching philosophy essay

Through my educational experience and personal reflection so far, I have some strong beliefs regarding teaching in my future classroom. For the classroom environment, the main belief that I have is that everyone in my classroom has to pay respect to each other. For establishing the classroom culture, I want...

Essay about Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy believe that education begins at home and that the responsibility of schools and educators is to enhance the values and skills taught by the child’s parents or guardians. The purpose of a formal education should be to provide a positive and supportive environment where students will learn the...

Social psychology topics to write about

‘Skill acquisition is the foundation of learning and an indispensable component of universal education’ It is my desire as a teacher to help my students acquire technical and vocation skills at the early stages of life if he or she is to be useful in their societies. I believe this...


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